District 1

Bruce Ross - Vice Chair

Laura Barnett

Sage Milestone

1 open seat


District 2

Larry Fells

Tenessa Audette

Garrett Hall

Cathy Kneer - Chair


District 3

Win Carpenter

Tacey Harfield

2 open seats


District 4

Valerie Vollbrecht

Cherrill Clifford

Erin Ryan - Treasurer

1 open seats


District 5

Susie Browing

Cindy Culp

Brenda Haynes

Kristy Lanham

1 open seats



U.S. Congress 1st District Doug LaMalfa – Bill Cundiff

California Senate 1st District Brian Dahle - Leah Roadrunner

California Assembly 1st District Megan Dahle – Ginne Mistal

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